Music Theory Resources

This is a collection of a few materials that I have used in my nearly ten years as a music theory professor. Check back occasionally for updated or new items. These resources are free for music educators and students. Please print, copy, and distribute as desired.

Quick Quizzes

Triads Handouts

Seventh Chords Handouts

Secondary Chords Handouts

Voice-Leading Worksheets

Non-Chord Tone Handout & Worksheets

Motivic Development Handout & Worksheet

Transposition Handout

Modulation Handout

Binary & Ternary Forms Handout

Scales for Improvisation

Aural Perception Sheets

These Aural Perception Worksheets are intended for advanced high school or college ear-training practice in a classroom setting. Twenty class-length lessons per semester, structured in four units with five lessons per unit, these worksheets pair well with most online or computer-based individual dictation software and sequence comparably to the most popular sight-singing texts. Click below for more information, page samples, and to purchase and download.

Semester One - Student

Semester One - Instructor

Semester Two - Student

Semester Two - Instructor