120 Degrees

120 Degrees for percussion ensemble
Publisher: C. Alan Publications (2000)
Composed: 1999
Duration: 4’30”
Difficulty: Medium
Instrumentation (8 players): xylophone, vibraphone, xylophone, snare drum, bongos, crash cymbals, ride cymbal, bass drum, timpani (4)

A dance-like romp in 12/8 with rhythmic excitement throughout, 120 Degrees is a great transition from marching season to concert band season. Written entirely in triple meter and primarily in 12/8 time, the overall form is ABCBA with the “C” section in half-time and featuring unison timpani and keyboard lines. The “A” section focuses primarily on a vibraphone melody with an underlying groove established by the other keyboards and percussion. The “B” section is more driving and features a timpani solo followed by trade-offs between the timpani and bongos. Based strongly with a “feel in 4”, this piece effectively includes groupings of 4 eighth notes within 12/8 for contradictory and complimentary rhythmic effects. This piece is dedicated to and was premiered by the Chandler Summer Percussion Ensemble in 1999.