joshcomposerJosh Gottry has been creating innovative, pedagogical, and engaging new compositions and arrangements for more than two decades. In that time, he has been selected for numerous ASCAP Plus awards, created over 100 published works, and his compositions been performed at the Midwest Clinic, Music for All National Festival, the Percussive Arts Society International Convention, and on many college and university, high school, and middle school campuses.

...intelligent scoring and attention to detail... - Jason Baker

...seasoned percussion educator that focuses on exposing students to quality music... - Joshua D. Smith

...fantastic job scoring clever harmonic lines in the keyboards in addition to providing extra rhythmic support... - Ben Coleman




Recently Released

a collection of hand drum ensembles

for percussion ensemble

for clarinet and percussion duo

for solo marimba with percussion quintet

for percussion trio

for percussion ensemble

for four players on one xylophone

for friction percussion trio

In Process...

Bubblegum for percussion ensemble
coming soon from C. Alan Publications
a Motown-styled pop-rock tune for percussion ensemble with optional bass guitar

Christmas Three for keyboard percussion trio
coming Fall 2019 from C. Alan Publications
a collection of holiday carols arranged for keyboard percussion ensemble with optional accessory percussion parts

Deck Park Tunnel for percussion ensemble
coming soon from C. Alan Publications
a balanced percussion octet with groove-based ostinatos and melodic lines that weave between various meters

Kleptomania for marimba/cajon duet
a rhythmically engaging dialog between solo marimba and cajon based on a blues scale

Pauken Pairings for two timpani
a collection of six works for two timpani, including orchestral excerpts and featuring play along or duet performance options

Ropes Course for solo clarinet
coming Fall 2019 from Gottry Publications
a commissioned work for solo clarinet exploring the altissimo register

Two Dances (of sorts) for saxophone and percussion duet
currently available to commissioning partners only
coming Spring 2020 from Gottry Publications
advanced two movement work for soprano/alto saxophone plus small non-pitched multiple percussion set-up
commissioned by Jason Laczkoski and Nicholaus Meyers

Two Steps Forward for solo keyboard percussion
coming Fall 2019 from C. Alan Publications
a beginning method book for two-mallet keyboard percussion performance

Yet Do I Fear for soprano recorder and percussion duet
coming Spring 2020 from Gottry Publications
a playful mix of minimalism and Renaissance dance music for recorder, marimba, and pandeiro

Zeug for percussion quartet
coming Fall 2019 from C. Alan Publications
an aggressive, drummy percussion quartet for intermediate level percussion ensembles

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