A Simple Process (flute/percussion)

A Simple Process for flute and percussion ensemble
Publisher: Gottry Publications (2013)
Composed: 2013
Duration: 5′
Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
Instrumentation (6 players): solo flute, two vibraphones, three marimbas

A Simple Process is a chamber ensemble work for solo flute and keyboard percussion ensemble. Written in a fairly minimalistic style, the work combines simple and delicate melodic ideas with rhythmically intriguing, yet understated ostinato figures. The flute carries much of the primary melodic voice throughout the piece, but becomes increasingly ingrained with the keyboard percussion voices as the work progresses. Set entirely in 3/4 time, the work winds through several key signatures, rhythmic feels, and moods, before returning to the opening melodic material, but now intertwining a few highlights retained from other portions of the piece.

At times, the mixture of flute and pulsating marimba notes sound like Philip Glass; at other times the lush chord structures sound like a symphonic film score. At any rate, the end result leaves a lasting impression. – Joshua D. Smith
Printed by permission of the Percussive Arts Society, inc.