Being Little

Being Little for vibraphone solo
Publisher: C. Alan Publications (2012)
Composed: 2011
Duration: 10’30”
Difficulty: Medium

Being Little is a four-movement work for solo vibraphone based on several special activities that parents share with their newborn. Each of the movements features distinctive characteristics to musically identify with one of those activities. The four movements are entitled Stretch, Smile, Story, and Sleep. Stretch features gradually expanding and contracting intervals, depicting the full body stretches of a newborn baby. Smile is a playful dance intended to portray both the silly games parents play to convince their child to smile and the pure joyfulness of a happy babyStory includes a spoken narration to be performed by the soloist. Sleep is the obvious . . . a lullaby for the baby.

“Story” is the brilliantly written third movement, channeling Wagner’s leitmotifs and Frederick Rzewski’s “To the Earth.” The last movement, “Sleep” … remotely resembles the Beatles’ “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.” Those looking for a well-written, well-conceived piece of music to add to a performance will enjoy working on this. – Marcus D. Reddick
Printed by permission of the Percussive Arts Society, inc.