Bulk Trash

Bulk Trash for percussion trio
Publisher: C. Alan Publications (2020)
Composed: 2020
Duration: 2’30”
Difficulty: Medium
Instrumentation (3+ players): high, medium, low sounds

This aggressive, groove-based work was composed with flexibility in mind for percussion ensembles returning to rehearsals in late-2020 in the midst of the continuing coronavirus pandemic. As individuals and families adapted to remote work and online school in the spring and summer, carving out new spaces at home and clearing out unneeded large household items became a priority. For many, the one day or week allotted for “Bulk Trash” pickup was eagerly anticipated. Of course, for percussionists, many items deemed as trash are just instruments waiting to be properly utilized. Written for three relative pitch categories—high, middle, and low—this trio can be played using any household items and with any number of people by doubling or tripling (or more) each part. For added flexibility, a click track for this trio is available, facilitating easier practice at home or the potential for virtual ensemble compilations. So, dig around your garage, back closet, or attic and find a few items you can strike with a stick and make some music using Bulk Trash.