Bump in the Night

Bump in the Night for percussion ensemble
Publisher: C. Alan Publications (2018)
Composed: 2017
Duration: 4′
Difficulty: Medium-Easy
Instrumentation (7-11 players): guiro, triangle, cowbell, woodblock, bongos, conga, tambourine, snare drum, concert toms (2), bass drum, ride cymbal

Creatively sourced from only three unique measures of music per part (one measure in 5/4 and a pair of measures in 7/8), Bump in the Night is an engaging and pedagogical work for younger ensembles exploring meter, orchestration, and ensemble awareness. Presenting a perceived complexity for listeners far greater than the limited musical resources utilized, each of the unique measures within each part is presented in multiple ways, in whole and in various parts, layered over other voices or as passing dialog within the ensemble, and spanning a full range of dynamics, creating much interest out of very little. Alternating between an insistent 5/4 and energetic 7/8, performers also enjoy and explore some less common meters in this non-pitched percussion ensemble.