Chipboard for percussion quartet
Publisher: Gottry Publications (2011)
Composed: 2011
Duration: 2′
Difficulty: Easy
Instrumentation (4 players): wooden instruments

Originally composed for the Chandler Preparatory Academy Middle School Percussion Ensemble, Chipboard can be played with as few as four players or parts may be doubled, tripled, etc. for larger percussion ensembles. Standard wooden percussion instruments (i.e. wood blocks, temple blocks, log drums) are ideal for this piece, but the ensemble may instead choose to use found or created wooden instruments if desired. Care should be taken to select sticks or mallets that will create a full and warm sound from each instruments so the piece is not presented with a harsh or piercing sound quality. The quartet opens with a layered effect of offset two-note rhythmic groupings in the three higher wood instruments. As the lowest voice enters, the first time signature change appears and the ensemble presents its first unison statement. The high wood continues with an ostinato over which the other three voices dialogue before a return to the opening material, again in three. After a four-bar statement by the low wood, each additional part gradually joins in the repetition of this phrase, followed by an extended unison statement by the ensemble. Again, the original rhythmic idea returns, this time embellished with sixteenth notes, before the final coda which alternates between unison statements, layered rhythmic ideas, and a closing full ensemble crescendo.

This hip quartet for middle school (or beginning) percussionists … will appropriately challenge performers in the areas of ensemble listening skills, tempo control, and volume blend and balance. – Joshua D. Smith
Printed by permission of the Percussive Arts Society, inc.