Extra Spices, Please!

Extra Spices, Please! for solo marimba and optional hand drum
Publisher: C. Alan Publications (1997)
Composed: 1997
Duration: 2’30”
Difficulty: Medium-Easy

More demanding than at first glance, this energetic two-mallet marimba solo for the intermediate performer may be played unaccompanied or with an optional conga pattern provided for an additional player. The solo requires a low-A marimba and is a great work for developing hand independence. Centered on one primary four-measure theme, the composition is embellished using grace notes, counterpoint, and effects such as using the shafts of the mallets on the edges of the bars. Tempo for the work is quick (quarter note = 180) and the interval relationships can require additional work for the performer. Regardless, this is an exciting piece for junior high and high school percussionists and is equally appealing to performers and audiences!

This piece will add “spice” to any recital or program. – Lisa Rogers
Printed by permission of the Percussive Arts Society, inc.