forFOUR … a collection of etudes for four-mallet solo marimba
Publisher: C. Alan Publications (2007)
Composed: 1997-2006
Duration: varies
Difficulty: Medium-Easy to Medium

A collection of seven original solos for developing 4-mallet marimba technique. For each solo in this collection, there is a full page of exercises meant for technical development (concentrating on the strokes being used in the piece) and piece preparation (concentrating on specific patterns found in the piece). You will find that forFOUR really fills a gap within 4-mallet marimba literature.

For mallet suggestions for forFOUR, check out:

The etudes use repetitious patterning and chordal structures that “lie well” on the instrument … making them ideal for students. – John R. Raush

Chorale Without Time will challenge and enlighten the performer and audience. – Lisa Rogers

The seven pages of exercises provide excellent training material and each of the solos … the exercises and solos together are a winning combination. – F. Michael Combs
Printed by permission of the Percussive Arts Society, inc.