Foundations for flute and marimba
Publisher: Gottry Publications (1997)
Composed: 1997
Duration: 7′
Difficulty: Medium

Written to perform with my wife, the title Foundations stemmed from the fact that our mutual love for music and performing together was part of the foundation of our relationship. The composition begins in cut-time with open chords underlying a simple flute melody. The marimba moves briefly to a running eighth note accompaniment before taking over the melody sustained as repeated eighth notes. Utilizing a gradual ritardando and metric modulation, the piece shifts into 12/8 time with the marimba providing a solid eighth note base for a more energetic and aggressive flute melody. This up-tempo portion is briefly interrupted for a 4/4 section marked Romantically.  Following an accelerando and another metric modulation, the duet shifts to a reprise of the 12/8 idea which also concludes the piece. This composition for marimba and flute requires a low-A marimba and intermediate 4-mallet technique.

Foundations is a fine composition that is quite accessible to a wide range of marimba techniques. – John Beck
Printed by permission of the Percussive Arts Society, inc.