From This Viewpoint

recorded by the Towson University Percussion Ensemble

From This Viewpoint for keyboard percussion ensemble
Publisher: C. Alan Publications (2009)
Composed: 2007
Duration: 7’30”
Difficulty: Medium-Difficult
Instrumentation (6 players): two vibraphones, chimes, bells, crotales, 4.3-octave marimba, 5.0-octave marimba

From This Viewpoint is a keyboard percussion ensemble for six players. Derived from two simple melodic ideas which are manipulated, modally shifted, combined, and traded among instruments, yet remaining entirely on the “white keys” of the instruments. Minimalistic in style, but extremely melodic and rich in counterpoint, this piece takes advantage of the character and sound of each specific mallet instrument and the varied combinations possible between voices.

Part of the appeal of From this Viewpoint is the intelligent scoring and attention to detail with individual dynamic markings, creating tutti sections that are not overbearing and transparent sections that maintain rhythmic pulse.Jason Baker
Printed by permission of the Percussive Arts Society, inc.