Percussion Gear

I have the pleasure of being affiliated with five outstanding percussion companies in Meinl Percussion, Mike Balter Mallets, Remo Drumheads, Vic Firth Drumsticks, and Yamaha Percussion. These companies create products with exceptional quality and treat each percussionist with individual attention and true professionalism. As follows are percussion instruments and implements that I personally use and recommend.

Meinl logo

  • Artisan Edition Seguiriya Cajon (AE-CAJ7)
  • Travel Djembe 12" Pharaoh's Script (PMDJ1-L-G)
  • Marathon Designer Series Bongos (FWB190LB)
  • Studio Mix Medium Shaker (SK12-M-BK)
  • Aluminum Shaker (SH9-L-S)
  • Luis Conte - Medium, Live Shaker (SH4BK)
  • Caxixi (CAX2)
  • Maracas (PM2BK)
  • Cowbell (SL675-BK)
  • Percussion Blocks (MPE1BK and MPE2R)
  • Compact Wood Tambourine (CTA2M-BK)
  • Recording Combo Mounted Tambourine (TMT2M-WH)
  • Vintage Hammered Brass Tambourine (TAH2V-WB)
  • ABS Pandeiro with Mount (PA10A-BK-NH-H)
  • Rubber Wood Tamborim (TBR06SNT-M)

Mike Balter logo

  • Contemporary Series Marimba Mallets (83B, 84B)
  • Titanium Series Marimba/Vibe Mallets (323, 324, 325; B or R)
  • Expression Series Vibraphone Mallets (46R, 46AR, 48R)
  • Artist Series Vibraphone Mallets (Sisto, Lipner, Rafalides)
  • Xylophone/Bell Mallets (X1, X3, X4, X18)

Remo logo

  • Concert Snare Drum
    • Renaissance Powerstroke 3 (Batter): P3-0314-RA
    • Ambassador Hazy (Snare Side): SA-0114-00
  • Drumset Toms
    • Vintage Coated Ambassador (VA-0112-00/VA-0114-00)
  • Drumset Bass Drum
    • Coated Powerstroke 3 (Batter): P3-1118-BP
    • Fiberskyn Powerstroke 3 (Resonant): P3-1518-FA
  • Bongos
    • Skyndeep S-Series (M6-S675-S2-SD009/M6-S800-S4-SD009)
  • Concert Bass Drum
    • NUSKYN, N3 Film (N3-3032-00)

Vic Firth logo

  • Tim Genis General Signature Snare Sticks (STG)
  • Symphonic Collection Persimmon Snare (SCS1)
  • Multi-Percussion Sticks (SD4)
  • Swizzle B Bolero/Hard Felt (SD6)
  • Gauger Snare/Timpani Swizzle (TG25)
  • Tim Genis Hard Tonal Timpani (TG6)
  • Tony Royster Jr Signature Drumset Sticks (STR)
  • Vic Kick Felt BD Beater (VKB1)
  • Legacy Wire Brush (LB)
  • RUTE 505
  • Jeff Queen Signature Marching Snare Sticks (SJQ)
  • Tom Aungst Signature Tenor Sticks (STATH)
  • Professional Drumstick Bag (SBAG3)
  • Travel Backpack (PBKPK)

Yamaha logo

  • 4.3-octave Acoustalon Marimba (YM-2400)
  • 3.0-octave Gold Bar Tour Vibraphone (YV-3700)
  • 3.0-octave Student Xylophone (YX-230)
  • 14" x 5 1/2" Maple Custom Snare Drum (ASD-0105)
  • 3-piece Bebop Birch Drumset (SCB-8F30)
  • Crosstown Advanced Lightweight Hardware (HW-3)