Genesis for marimba solo
Publisher: Gottry Publications (2013)
Composed: 1995
Duration: 9’30”
Difficulty: Medium-Difficult

Genesis was written as a programmatic piece, depicting the Biblical account of Creation using different rhythmic structures as the basis for each section. The large form of the work is Introduction, ABCA’B’C’ and Chorale, with the Introduction and Chorale being removed from the rhythmic nature of the piece. Genesis opens with a slow, sustained section based on the whole-tone scale, creating the impression of the emptiness existing before creation. The first rhythmical section uses five-note groupings to depict the creation of “Light.” “Water” is evoked in the next section, using flowing, triplet-based arpeggios. “Land” emerges from “Water” by means of a metric modulation, shifting to rhythms based on eighth notes. The next three sections are based on the rhythmic structures of the preceding three, but with added complexities. “Sun and Moon” is related to “Light,” “Fish and Birds” is tied closely to “Water,” and “Animals” is related to “Land.” The final chorale, simply set in C major, depicts God’s rest at the end of creation.

“An intermediate marimbist who is learning to combine multiple musical elements into a cohesive musical piece, working on odd time signatures, and learning to master chorale playing will benefit greatly from playing this piece.” – Marcus D. Reddick
Printed by permission of the Percussive Arts Society, inc.