performed by Matt Watson

Irrelevant for solo marimba
Publisher: C. Alan Publications (1996; rev. 2008)
Composed: 1994
Duration: 4’30”
Difficulty: Medium

A winner in the ASCAP Young Composers Competition in 1995, Irrelevant, for solo 4.3-octave marimba, explores several idiomatic techniques for four-mallet marimba performance, including double vertical strokes, rapidly moving double lateral strokes, and four-mallet chordal rolls. Focused around a five-note, left-hand ostinato pattern which threads its way through the entire work, this composition is typified by repetitious rhythmic patterns. Contrast is achieved through variations in texture, range, and harmonic structure. The piece incorporates a great deal of hand independence, including several cross-rhythmic sections. The rhythmic imagination revealed in the solo, the repetitious patterning, and the relative limitations in technical challenges will make it an enjoyable work for any performer. In the 2nd edition, subtle but significant changes have been made to improve this piece from the performer’s perspective. Several dynamic indications have been added or improved, metric modulations have been clarified, and a few metronome markings have been added. The note size has been increased and the overall layout has been notably improved. Several sticking indications have also been added.

Gottry’s rhythmic ideas are particularly effective . . . a popular choice for the college student who has attained at least an intermediate level of ability. – John R. Raush
Printed by permission of the Percussive Arts Society, inc.