Just Like That

Just Like That for percussion quintet
Publisher: C. Alan Publications (2010)
Composed: 2009
Duration: 3′
Difficulty: Medium
Instrumentation (5 players): five concert toms, five wood blocks

Just Like That is a percussion quintet scored for one concert tom and one wood block per player. Based on variations of a traditional cascara pattern, this energetic and rhythmically driven work weaves through several time signature changes and dramatic dynamic contrasts. The original pattern is repeated, offset, fragmented, and manipulated in a variety of ways to created an ever-changing texture as underlying melodic lines are created in the concert tom voices. This is an excellent work for high school or college percussion ensembles to work rhythmic alignment and precision. This piece is sure to be an audience favorite and also works well as a collaborative work with a school dance program.

The overall sound of the quintet has a unified, massive, ten-armed multiple percussion timbre and leaves the audience wanting more… – Jim Lambert
Printed by permission of the Percussive Arts Society, inc.