Moods for clarinet solo
Publisher: Gottry Publications (2009)
Composed: 2008
Duration: 5′
Difficulty: Difficult

Moods for solo clarinet is set in three continuous movements, each depicting one of three moods. The first movement, Mischievous, dances playfully and unpredictably through constantly changing time signatures and alternates between small groups of slurred notes and repeated staccato pitches. Opening with a sustained low-B, the second movement, Apathetic, is a lethargic contrast to the opening material. This movement features lyrical lines spanning the range of the instrument along with several multi-phonics. The final movement, Anxious, opens with a pair of sixteenth notes followed by silence, then a sustained low-G#. As that opening two-note figure gradually develops into longer bursts of rapid sixteenth-note passages, the tension and energy build. After a gradual return to the opening two-note fragment, the piece concludes with an energetic final burst of sound and speed ascending to the final high G. Moods was commissioned and premiered by Roman Ruiz at Arizona State University.

Moods for solo clarinet is a dream piece for the ultra talented fast staccato players out there in clarinet land. – Michèle Gingras
Printed by permission of the International Clarinet Association