performed by Alison Brightwell-Balot

Motion for vibraphone solo
Publisher: Gottry Publications (2013)
Composed: 1995
Duration: 3′
Difficulty: Medium

Motion is a beautifully simplistic 4-mallet vibraphone solo, featuring continuously running sixteenth-note melodic arpeggios in a pseudo-minimalistic style. Set entirely in C major, the melody is delicately highlighted within the underlying arpeggiations as the piece progresses through its simple form of ABA’CB’. This short work is suitable both as a performance piece or as an etude for technical development of various sticking permutations and the musical challenge of bringing out a melody within a more active accompanimental texture.

While instructors will appreciate the simplicity in the compositional writing, beginning mallet students will be challenged in several areas … maintain dynamic balance across four-mallet permutations … and highlight a melodic line. – Joshua D. Smith
Printed by permission of the Percussive Arts Society, inc.