Outside the Box

Outside the Box … a collection of solos and one duet for cajon
Publisher: C. Alan Publications (2011)
Composed: 2010-2011
Duration: varies
Difficulty: Medium-Easy to Medium-Difficult

Outside the Box (by Josh Gottry & Jonny Woodbury) is a collection of four progressive solos and one duet for cajon. Each piece is intended to develop comfort with a variety of sounds and to assist the performer in creating a vocabulary of idiomatic and creative grooves for the instrument. Included are program/performance notes for each piece, a instrument key and diagram, and five recital appropriate works for cajon. Pocket Full of Rocks is an excellent introductory work combining rock, hip-hop, funk, and shuffle grooves into a medium-easy solo. Box Tops incorporates additional sounds (knocking, sliding, fingertips) in a mixed meter rock feel. Oxidation expands the sound palette, especially in terms of footwork, in a medium-advanced solo. Combinatorics utilizes traditional Peruvian rhythms, additional implements, and extensive independence between limbs in an advanced work for solo cajon. Slide Rule is based loosely on a Brazilian baião and exploits many of the different elements featured in the solo works, but in a longer piece that allows like-minded individuals to enjoy performing together. Make sure these pieces groove and the audience is inspired to go find themselves their own musical box!

…this book of solos and a duet will help students at any level gain a strong perspective on cajon technique and sound/rhythm possibilities. – Mike Sekelsky
Printed by permission of the Percussive Arts Society, inc.