Take a Seat

Take a Seat … a collection of exercises, grooves, etudes, and solos for cajon
Publisher: C. Alan Publications (2015)
Composed: 2014
Duration: varies
Difficulty: Easy to Medium

With an impressive history spanning several centuries, the cajon has become even more popular in the last decade as a portable “drumset in a box” used in pop, rock, and country music, Broadway shows, and contemporary percussion and chamber literature. As with any instrument, the best way to start is by exploring the different sounds and effects that are possible. Take a Seat helps you do just that! After a little improvisation and exploration, you are encouraged to work your way through the exercises, grooves, and etudes (with accompanying play-a-long tracks) to develop familiarity and comfort with the sounds and notation used in the collection. Also included are six groove-based, recital-ready solos for cajon.

For percussionists completely new to the instrument wishing an introductory overview of drumset adaption to cajon, this book may serve its purpose as a starting point. – N. Scott Robinson
Printed by permission of the Percussive Arts Society, inc.