There, Their, They’re

There, Their, They’re for percussion quartet
Publisher: C. Alan Publications (2022)
Composed: 2020
Duration: 9’45”
Difficulty: Medium
Instrumentation (4 players): tambourims (2), tambourine, pandeiro, cowbells (4), wood blocks (4), caxixi (pair), cabasa/afuche, guiro

There, Their, They’re is a commissioned three-movement work for percussion quartet using minimal instrumentation. Initiated by Jeff Calissi at Eastern Connecticut State University, this work was composed for an expected premiere at PASIC 2020, but needed to use only instruments that could be shipped in a few FedEx boxes from Connecticut to Indianapolis. The prevailing time signature of each movement is based on the number of unique characters in each word of its title (4, 5, 6), and the three movements are arranged in a fast, slow, fast sequence. Each movement explores different implements and rhythmic devices using a collection of small instruments that could be handheld or laid on a towel or foam on a music stand. Additional partners for the commissioning consortium include Andrew Kolar (Sacred Heart University), Frank Kumor (Kutztown University), Nicholaus Meyers (East Central University), Mariusz Mocarski (Fryderyk Chopin Music University), and Glenn Webb (Dixie State University).