Tubz (from Noveltysicles)

Tubz … part of the Noveltysicles collection for percussion ensemble
Publisher: Row-Loff Productions (2005)
Composed: 2002
Duration: 2’30”
Difficulty: Easy
Instrumentation (6+ players): tubz, chairs

The ideal piece for all those band directors who can’t keep their percussionists from drumming on the furniture! This novelty ensemble (part of the Noveltysicles collection by Row-Loff Productions) uses chairs played on with Tubz like plastic paper towel rolls now sold directly by Row-Loff Productions – in an exciting and visually entertaining selection. Players play the fronts, seats, and backs of the chairs, along with their own and each others’ Tubz. Certainly an audience favorite and a perfect piece for working rhythms and ensemble awareness with beginning to intermediate percussionists.