Two Steps Forward … a structured approach for the development of keyboard percussion reading skills
Publisher: C. Alan Publications (2020)
Composed: 2011-2019
Duration: varies
Difficulty: Easy to Medium-Easy

The phrase “one step forward, two steps back,” quickly brings to mind the hopeless feeling of continuous motion without any progress. In striking contrast, the reverse “two steps forward, one step back,” is a powerfully effective approach when applied toward any study or pursuit. All individuals learn best in small, bite-sized pieces, and retain best when the concepts learned are reviewed frequently. Each step in this method book is short – just a few lines – and the concepts introduced are reviewed
consistently throughout the process.

This logical and systematic approach is carefully designed to aid beginning keyboard percussionists in developing strong reading skills. Included in Two Steps Forward are over thirty progressive etudes, numerous short sight-reading phrases, scale drills, rhythm checks, and structured composition and improvisation opportunities, along with six recital-ready solos.

I highly recommend Two Steps Forward. It is the solution for any beginning mallet-percussion educators who have struggled to get their students reading rather than memorizing. – Joe Millea
Printed by permission of the Percussive Arts Society, inc.