Zig Zag for keyboard percussion trio
Publisher: C. Alan Publications (2022)
Composed: 2021
Duration: 4’10”
Difficulty: Medium
Instrumentation (3 players): vibraphone, 5.0-octave marimba

The title of this work, Zig Zag, is derived from two of its more obvious formal or structural elements. First, the opening section, which is repeated three times within the work, features rapid scale passages being passed between players and moving up and down the keyboards, essentially zigging and zagging around the instruments. Second, the piece features two contrasting passages that are presented in between repetitions of that primary section. These contrasting ideas don’t necessarily connect intuitively to the primary theme, potentially giving the audience the sense that the piece is dramatically changing character suddenly at multiple points in the piece. As playful as it may seem, this is a challenging work that requires great individual confidence on the instrument as well as excellent ensemble awareness from each player. Enjoy the changing personalities and rapid movement of this exciting new work for keyboard percussion trio.