Shifting Waves

Shifting Waves for percussion ensemble
Publisher: Drop 6 Media, Inc. (2002)
Composed: 1997
Duration: 4′
Difficulty: Medium
Instrumentation (10 players): bells, vibraphone, chimes, xylophone, marimbas (2), high-hat, tambourine, wood block, congas, cowbell, castanets, bell tree, triangle, sus. cymbal, bass drum, low tom, china cymbal, ride cymbal, cabasa
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Shifting Waves is a combination of continually changing ostinatos. The center marimba serves as the rhythmic and melodic focus of the piece as it combines 2 and 3 note patterns in 6/8 and later 2 and 5 note patterns in 5/4, all over constant eighth notes. After a brief lyrical interlude in the middle of the ensemble, the texture of the piece begins to gradually thicken. Lighter sounds (i.e. high hat, wood block) are systematically replaced with heavier sounds (snare drum, bass drum, etc.), leading to a strong reprise of the opening figure and a unison conclusion.