Music Theory Resources

This is a collection of a few materials that I have used in my 10+ years as a music theory professor. Check back occasionally for updated or new items. These resources are free for music educators and students. Please print, copy, and distribute as desired.

Quick Quizzes

Triads Handouts

Seventh Chords Handouts

Secondary Chords Handouts

Voice-Leading Worksheets

Non-Chord Tone Handout & Worksheets

Motivic Development Handout & Worksheet

Transposition Handout

Modulation Handout

Binary & Ternary Forms Handout

Scales for Improvisation

Classroom Lessons in Aural Perception (C.L.A.P.)

Classroom Lessons in Aural Perception (C.L.A.P.) was created and revised over multiple years teaching theory and aural skills for freshman music majors in multiple community college and university classrooms. In its creation, the content was paired with Tonal Harmony by Kostka, Payne, and Almén and Music for Sight Singing by Rogers and Ottman, but it has since been used with a variety of texts at the university level as well as for high school Advanced Placement Music Theory students.

C.L.A.P. consists of eight total units, each comprised of five lesson worksheets (a total of 40 lessons). These materials will facilitate approximately 60-75 minutes of class-time dictation practice per week spread out over two semesters of instruction. The instructor materials (or key) are intentionally part of the student packet, providing an accessible resource for peer or instructor performance and later review of answers compared with what was played. When printed double-sided and spiral bound or stapled, answers can be checked simply by flipping the packet vertically.

Each semester packet is available for download as a "name-your-price" purchase.

Semester One
(units 1-4)

Semester Two
(units 5-8)