The collection of literature for percussion is continually growing and improving in quality. Here are a few methods and reference texts that I use in my private studio and personal study.


... Snare Drum Studies by Mitchell Peters
Available in Elementary, Intermediate, and Advanced levels, these snare drum methods are proven classics in percussion education.

Gaddiments by Steve Gadd
A series of exercises and permutations inspired by Steve's time in drum corps and love of the rudiments.

Portraits in Rhythm by Anthony J. Cirone
Fifty intermediate to advanced etudes for solo snare drum. Standard literature for advanced high school and early college percussion students.

The Regimen by Shaun Tilberg
A hybrid collection of exercises adapted from both the rudimental and concert schools of snare drumming.

The Rudimental Cookbook by Edward Freytag
A collection of 25 rudimental snare drum solos and developmental exercises from easy to extremely advanced.

The Snare Drum Plays the Zoo by Brian J. Harris
Outstanding book for younger percussionists. Focuses students on standard rhythmic groupings by associating an animal with each pattern.

Stick Control by George Lawrence Stone
The technique book for snare drum. A must have for all percussionists!


Anthology of Lute & Guitar Music for Marimba by Rebecca Kite
A collection of beginning to intermediate four-mallet adaptations of classical guitar and lute music for 4.3-octave marimba. Beneficial for performance and theory study.

The Art of Vibraphone Playing by Paul Buyer and Josh Gottry
Fundamental techniques, musical concepts, and performance practices necessary to excel as a vibraphonist. Includes extensive instructional material as well as exercises, studies, and solos for both two and four mallets.

forFOUR by Josh Gottry
A collection of seven original solos for developing 4-mallet technique. For each solo, there is a full page of exercises meant for technical development and piece preparation.

Mallets for Drummers by Lynn Glassock
A rhythmic approach to learning melodic percussion that is particularly beneficial for those coming to keyboard percussion from a drumming background.

Method of Movement by Leigh Howard Stevens
An extensive book of information and exercises for 4-mallet marimba performance.

Modern School for Xylophone by Morris Goldenberg
A thorough and complete method for beginning to advanced 2-mallet keyboard percussion. Includes orchestral excerpts.

Two Steps Forward by Josh Gottry
A logical and systematic approach designed to aid beginning keyboard percussionists in developing strong reading skills.


Alfred's Kid's Drumset Course by Dave Black & Steve Houghton
An engaging method for younger kids that includes grooves, fills, and performance tips. Includes play-a-long CD.

Drum Set Etudes Bk. 1 by Joe Holmquist
Thirty-seven etudes for the beginning to intermediate drumset player utilizing a variety of styles, time signatures, and technical demands. Excellent reading material for drumset students. Books 2 and 3 also available.

Essential Styles Bk. 1 by Steve Houghton & Tom Warrington
Thirty drumset styles ranging from 7/4 Vamp to the Mambo. Includes a play along CD, written charts for every track, and performance and listening suggestions. Book 2 contains twenty more styles.

Groove Essentials Bk. 1 by Tommy Igoe
Nearly fifty different drumset styles (plus variations) along with 88 play-a-long tracks and "real world" charts. All tracks are minus drums, so you really are the drummer.

Guide to Standardized Drumset Notation by Norman Weinberg
"After much research, Norm Weinberg has carefully refined and clarified the current, most common methods of drumset notation. If everyone who writes for drumset adopts these guidelines, the ambiguities inherent in much current drumset notation can be alleviated." - Ron Spagnardi, Modern Drummer

Survival Guide for the Modern Drummer by Jim Riley
A well-organized method book covering patterns, fills, forms, etc. for numerous musical styles. Comes with 318 recorded drum examples and 124 drumless play-along tracks.


The Fundamental Timpanist by Dr. Matthew McClung
Simple, logical and effective exercises to improve timpanists at all levels.
A accompanying set of etudes, "Ten Etudes" for two timpani, is also available for digital download.

Pauken Pairings by Josh Gottry
A collection of six solos, each of which is playable on two timpani (29” and 26” drums), incorporates notable excerpts from significant orchestral works by two composers, and includes an optional groove-based electronic accompaniment (arranged & programmed by Bryce Craig) that may be performed using the downloadable pre-recorded track.


Freelance: 10 Commonsense Keys to Making YOUR Music YOUR Business by Josh Gottry
Allowing the reader to build on what certainly are years of artistic study, this book highlights ten timeless keys required to successfully build a freelance career.
Book study resource available:

Majoring in Music: All the Stuff You Need to Know by Rich Holly
An excellent overview of many elements students should consider before beginning their college music studies.
Book study resource available:

The Music Lesson by Victor L. Wooten
An inspiring parable of music, life, and the difference between playing all the right notes ... and feeling them.

Practicing With Purpose by David Kish
In indispensable resource to increase musical proficiency, featuring 50 practice techniques and approaches.
Book study resource available:

Working Toward Excellence by Paul Buyer
Eight values for achieving uncommon success in work and life.
Book study resource available: